In this topic, you will upsell from the GoldMailbox mail plan to the PlatinumMailbox mail plan, and then verify this change.


  1. Upsell the Business User to a Rich-Mail Plan by Using Provtest
  2. Verify the Plan Upsell

Upsell the Business User to a Rich-Mail Plan by Using Provtest

In this procedure, you will use Provtest to upsell the user from a GoldMailbox plan to a PlatinumMailbox plan.

Procedure RUN.28: To upsell the business user to a Rich-Mail plan by using Provtest

  1. On MPS01, clear the read-only attribute for the file <installdir>:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Hosted Email 2007\ChangeUserPlanAssignment.xml

  2. Edit <installdir>:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Hosted Email 2007\ChangeUserPlanAssignment.xml

  3. If necessary, modify the following elements to match the values below:

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  4. Save the edited file.

  5. Open the command prompt and go to the <installdir>:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Hosted Email 2007\ directory.

  6. Run the following command:

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    provtest ChangeUserPlanAssignment.xml /x2
    /x2 formats the XML results for maximum readability.

Verify the Plan Upsell

Log on to Microsoft Outlook Web Access as and verify the additional OWA features.

Procedure RUN.29: To log on as the business user using Outlook Web Access and verify the plan upsell

  1. Log on to a computer which uses DNS01 for name resolution.

  2. Open Internet Explorer and browse to the following URL:

  3. When prompted, enter for the user ID, and then enter the password for this account.

  4. The features available in the OWA client for this user are limited by the service plan, as described in the following table. Verify that these features are available. Ensure that the Spell Check and Tasks features are added after the plan upsell.




    Send and receive e-mail


    User can create, modify, and delete contacts

    Junk mail

    Filter junk e-mail

    Rich Client

    Rich Web client enabled for supported browsers


    Create and track appointments, organize and schedule meetings

    Spell Check

    Spell checking for e-mail


    Outlook tasks