The Deployment Automation namespace is to automatically perform numerous procedures that create and configure various components in the provisioning environment. The procedures of this namespace are called by the MPS Deployment Tool and performed at deployment time. This minimizes user performance of manual and time-consuming steps in the deployment process.

The following table lists Deployment Automation namespace procedures.

Procedure Description

Deployment Automation::ConfigureExchangeAddressListSecurity

Applies security configuration for Exchange address lists.

Deployment Automation::ConfigureExchangeAddressListSecurity

Configures all Exchange front-end servers.

Deployment Automation::ConfigureExchangeAddressListSecurity

Configures MPF service account domain and local group membership.

Deployment Automation::ConfigureMPSClusterAdmin

Adds the MPSClusterAdmin account to the Windows-based Hosting Service Accounts group.

Deployment Automation::ConfigureMPSSQLServiceAccount

Adds the MPSSQLServiceAccount to the Windows-based Hosting Service Accounts group.

Deployment Automation::ConfigureSharepointSQLPermissions

Configures SQL Server with permissions for Windows SharePoint Services.

Deployment Automation::CreateOABLifeTimeRegistryKey

Ensures that OABLifeTime registry keys exist on all Exchange servers.

Deployment Automation::CreateServersOrganization

Creates Servers OU structure for server role deployment.

Deployment Automation::InitializeServiceAccountSecurity

Creates the Windows-based Hosting service account and set its group memberships.