In these procedures you will prepare and configure the System Center Operations Manager database server, OMSQL01.


  1. Configure SQL Server Reporting Services

Configure SQL Server Reporting Services

Procedure W08-DWR.1: To configure the SQL Server 2005 Report Server

  1. On OMSQL01, select Reporting Services Configuration from Configuration Tools of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

  2. On the Report Server Installation Instance Selection page, ensure that the Machine Name is OMSQL01.

  3. Ensure that the Instance Name is MSSQLSERVER, and then click Connect.

  4. Create a new Report Server Virtual Directory, accepting the default value.

  5. Create a new Report Manager Virtual Directory, accepting the default value.

  6. Set the Web Service Identity, accepting the default values for the Report Server and Report Manager application pools. Apply the settings.

  7. Set up the database, select OMSQL01 as the server name, select New for database name, and then accept the default values for SQL Server Connection. Apply the settings.

  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration.

  9. Restart the OMSQL01 server.

Procedure W08-DWR.2: To ensure that ISAP is enabled for the Report Server Virtual Directory

  1. On OMSQL01, run Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and locate the Report Server Virtual Directory.

  2. Ensure the ISAP-dll handler is enabled.