Monitor Tool Loading Processes

The MPS Deployment Tool has two interfaces that provide indications of the tasks being performed during tool startup. First, there is a static text field at the bottom of the Getting Started tab that displays running status for the MPS Deployment Tool. For example, this field provides a status readout when the tool is loading the configuration during the initialization phase.

Second, as the tool is initializing, you can also view other startup processes on the Session History tab, which consist of the following:

  • Verifying file locations - Verification processes begin.
  • Verifying MSI share - The presence of the MSIShare is verified.
  • Verifying configuration share - The presence of the ConfigShare is verified.
  • Verifying log file directory - The structure of log file directory is checked.
  • Verifying create directory - The tool verifies whether it can write to the folder and create additional subfolders in the configuration directory.
  • Verifying delete directory - The created test folder is removed.
  • Verifying configuration directory - The tool verifies if the ConfigShare contains a valid folder structure.
  • Verifying configuration file - The tool verifies whether a configuration file (MpsConfig.xml) exists.
  • Loading configuration file - If the configuration file exists, the tool loads it.
  • Saving configuration file - A copy of the configuration file is saved.
  • Verifying requirements file - The tool verifies whether the requirements file (MpsRequirements.xml) exists.
  • Loading requirements file - If the requirements file exists, the tool loads it to populate the Requirements Status pane.
  • File locations verified - Verifications are complete.

Monitor Tool Session Activities

The MPS Deployment Tool has two interfaces that display activities that occur during tool sessions, consisting of the Install Details and Session History tabs.

The Install Details tab provides a running status log for the current MPS component installation. The content reflects the currently running Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) files and resets upon initiation of the next component installation. Most of the activity in this tab will occur after you click the Start Deployment button. However, the Install Details tab also displays status from immediate actions such as Active Directory changes or updates to the MPFServiceAcct.

The Session History tab captures log file information from the deployment tool engine for the current user session. The content is an abbreviated record of all actions that occur from the time the tool starts up. The content of the Session History tab is reset during the tool initialization phase.

Gather and Record Tool Session Histories

The MPS Deployment Tool provides facilities that automatically record tool sessions and aggregates them into an XML file. This file will enable future versions of the MPS Deployment Tool to rollback your deployment environment to a specified previous configuration. To implement this functionality, the tool captures and, on the Action History tab, displays a session-to-session log of actions completed by the deployment tool engine for the lifetime of the deployment. If you want to view the details of a particular action in the Action History tab, select a line item and click the View Details button at the bottom of the tab.