As noted earlier, service management functions (SMFs) are the underlying processes and activities within each Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) quadrant and support the mission of service for that quadrant. These SMFs are at the core of the MOF Process Model. Although all of the SMFs are cross functional (and cross quadrant) in nature, each SMF is assigned a "home" or "primary" quadrant that aligns the functions performed with the mission of service for that quadrant. This natural alignment allows the IT manager to see all the key SMFs in each MOF quadrant that are required to effectively run the operations environment.

The following figure depicts the SMF alignment with each MOF quadrant in the Process Model.

Many of the MOF SMFs shown in this diagram are based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). The notable exceptions are the SMFs in the Operating Quadrant, as well as the Workforce Management and Infrastructure Engineering SMFs in the Optimizing Quadrant. As a result, the Operating Quadrant is primarily where MOF provides most of the operations guidance specific to Microsoft products and technologies. In addition, due to the focus applied to IT operations and enterprise management by Microsoft, many products (both those of Microsoft and other vendors) now incorporate features and functions directly designed to make them more supportable, reliable, and manageable in alignment with the MOF Process Model.