In this procedure, you will install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases services, management tools, and integration services. You will configure the SQL Server Services to run as the OMAdmin domain account and the Authentication Mode will be Windows Authentication.


  1. Install SQL Server 2005 on OMSQL01

Install SQL Server 2005 on OMSQL01

Procedure W08-DWM.15: To install SQL Server 2005 on OMSQL01

  1. On OMSQL01, on the SQL Server 2005 installation media, double-click Setup.exe to start the SQL Server 2005 installation.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation. Use mainly the defaults and ensure the following:

    • On the Components to Install page, select the SQL Server Database Services, the Reporting Services, the Integration Services, and the Workstation components, Books Online and development tools options.
    • On the Service Account page, select Using a Domain User Account, and then specify fabrikam\OMAdmin account.
    • Under Start services at the end of setup, ensure that SQL Server and SQL Server Agent are selected.
  3. Complete the SQL Server 2005 installation by applying SQL Server 2005 SP2.

  4. When the SQL Server 2005 SP2 installation completes, accept the option to run the user provisioning tool for Vista. Use the tool to grant FABRIKAM\Administrator sysadmin permissions to SQL. Then restart OMSQL01.

  5. After OMSQL01 has restarted, log on as FABRIKAM\Administrator and open SQL Server Management Studio.

  6. Grant sysadmin server role to the FABRIKAM\OMAdmin account. Confirm the existence of the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases in SQL Server Management Studio.

  7. Confirm the correct configuration of Reporting Services by opening Internet Explorer and browsing to http://OMSQL01/reports. When prompted for credentials, log on as Fabrikam\Administrator.

For detailed installation instructions, see the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Deployment Guide (available at the Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 Documentation).