If you want to develop your own custom XML provisioning requests, you can use the following XML code as a template.

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				<execute namespace="namespacename" procedure="procedurename"> 
				<before source="data" destination="executeData" mode="merge"/> 
				<before source="executeData" destination="data"  

After you populate the template with parameters that are appropriate for the namespace and procedures you are calling, save the completed file with an .xml extension. You can then submit the XML request to the Provisioning Engine using an appropriate method. For information about developing custom XML requests, see the "Creating XML Requests" topic in the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) Operations Guide. You can locate the MPS Operations Guide on Microsoft Hosting Solutions for Service Providers at: \Service Provisioning\MPS\MPF\help\opsguide.chm.

Rather than developing and testing your own custom XML provisioning requests, the managed namespace and provider API documentation provide sample XML requests that you might be able to utilize for provisioning tasks.

For more information, see:

  • XML Components for details about how XML requests communicate with the Provisioning Engine for initiating calls to the provider namespaces and providers, to accomplish provisioning actions.
  • Run XML Provisioning Requests for methods you can use to submit your custom XML request to the Provisioning Engine.
  • Microsoft Provisioning System SDK for API documentation containing sample XML requests that you can use.