The infrastructure technologies in the solution enable you to streamline the management, administration, and monitoring of your hosting environment. Deploying these technologies in your data center can significantly lower operational costs and increase the scalability of a hosting platform.

The infrastructure components provide directory services, data storage, provisioning, software update management, and other technologies that help manage and automate data center operations and administration. The following table summarizes the hosting infrastructure components and the associated Microsoft technologies and functions.

Table: Hosting Infrastructure Components

Component Product Functions

Centralized Management

Active Directory

Centrally manages users, accounts, servers, group policies, services, and security.

Monitoring and Reporting

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

Proactively monitors internal data center operations; includes step-by-step guidance on developing management packs for hosted applications.

Service Provisioning

Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS)

Automates routine administrative service management tasks such as adding new users, and provisioning applications and services.