Summary of GPUView Controls

The tables in this section summarize the controls that GPUView provides.

The following table describes zoom and pan controls.

Action Command
ZoomIn a
ZoomIn10x s
ZoomOut z
ZoomOut10x x
Zoom Home CTRL+ H, ESC
Make selection Press and drag
Clear selection Right-click or left-click mouse
Zoom to selection Make selection, then CTRL+Z
To pan left or right LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, CTRL+LEFT ARROW or CTRL+RIGHT ARROW for fast pan, or drag or page horizontal scroll
Up and down UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW, CTRL+UP ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROW for fast page, which is the same as page up or down, or drag or page vertical scroll


The following table describes the display-toggles control.

Action Command
Toggle through thread views CTRL+P
Add more threads to view +
Remove threads from view -
Display a specific thread level Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


The following table describes the controls to retrieve dialog boxes.

Action Command
Event Listing CTRL+E
Object Viewer CTRL+O
Module Info CTRL+M


The following table describes the commands to view charts.

Action Command
Toggle Present Charts CTRL+F6
Toggle Memory Charts CTRL+F7
Toggle Reference Charts CTRL+F8
Toggle Power Charts CTRL+F9
Toggle Thermal Charts CTRL+F10
Toggle PCIe Charts CTRL+F11
Toggle Termination Charts CTRL+F12




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