Other Visual Items of the Segment Viewer Window

Finding Standard Dma Packet Memory

When the Segment Viewer window is invoked from pressing the Segment Viewer button in the Object Details dialog that is displayed when you click on a Standard Dma Packet in the GPU Hardware Queue, it will highlight with a yellow background the memory addresses in the segment that match the memory addresses displayed in the Object Details dialog.

The following two diagrams illustrate this association. Notice that the Vid MM Global Allocation field of the Segment Viewer window matches an entry in the second column of the Object Details dialog. To help the user see exactly what memory is referenced by the Standard DMA packet, the rows are highlighted with a yellow background.

The following two diagrams show this relationship. The first one is a clip of the Object Details dialog.

Screen shot that shows part of the Object Details dialog box

The next is a clip of the Segment Viewer window.

Screen shot that shows the Segment Viewer window

Empty Memory Space

If a block of the Segment address space does not contain video content, it is known as empty space. The Segment Viewer window shows this empty space using gray crosshatches, as shown in the following diagram.

Screen shot that shows empty space (gray crosshatches) in the Segment address space



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