Troubleshooting the ESI VMAX Adapter

This section provides known problems and limitations for troubleshooting the ESI VMAX Adapter.


Prevention, resolution, or workaround

When creating disks with the Create Disk wizard for VMAX, "no appropriate storage system found" appears as the only option in the Storage System page.

ESI does not support provisioning disks for host systems (VMware, Windows, XenServer, and so on) with only iSCSI initiators (HBAs) on VMAX storage systems.

“Symmetrix system with serial not found: 123400688” error occurs when you are adding VMAX systems.

  • When adding VMAX systems to ESI, if you did not include the initial zeroes at the beginning of the serial number, an error will occur.

  • Confirm that you include all of the required twelve digits, which might include a prefix of zeroes. For example: 000123400688.

Unable to apply a FAST VP policy to an existing storage group.

Try binding the existing LUN or storage pool in the policy storage tier with the Unisphere SYMCLI commands or SMC.

Fails to add a LUN to an existing meta, meta volume, or composite LUN.

  • Confirm that the LUN is bound.

  • Confirm that the specified meta volume is striped  and the correct size is specified for the LUN.

The Expand-EmcLun cmdlet fails.

  • Check that the specified capacity is the exact number of bytes for LUN sizes.

  • For striped meta volumes, check that the specified capacity is the exact multiple for the stripe size.

  • Cannot create, view, or remove snapshot LUNs in ESI.

  • Or when using the following ESI PowerShell cmdlets, results are incomplete or incorrect:

  • Disable-EmcSnapshotLun

  • Enable-EmcSnapshotLun

  • Get-EmcSnapshotLun

  • New-EmcCandidateSnapshotLun

  • New-EmcSnapshotLun

  • Remove-EmcSnapshotLun

  • Restore-EmcSnapshotLun

These tasks and cmdlets are not available, because snapshot LUNs for VMAX systems are not supported in this release. However, future releases of ESI will support snapshot LUNs for VMAX.