Troubleshooting the ESI RecoverPoint Adapter

This section provides known problems and limitations for troubleshooting the ESI RecoverPoint Adapter.


Prevention, resolution, or workaround

When enabling image access to a replica copy, "the specified replica copy has no valid snapshot, which is required to enable access to the copy" error appears.

Check that the replica copy is enabled, and that the link state is in an active state.

After failing over to a remote replica copy, when enabling the replica copy that used to be the local copy, the "at least one of the enabled replica copies doesn't have a defined link to the production copy" error appears.

Manually create a link from the new production copy to the copy that used to be the local copy. You can do this with the New-EmcReplicaLink PowerShell cmdlet.

When using VMAX with the Exchange Integration, after adding a mailbox database copy on the remote site and adding subsequent copies, the "device is involved in a RecoverPoint Rcopy session and cannot be modified" or "a specified device is involved in a Remote Copy session and cannot be modified" errors might appear.

The copies are in a RecoverPoint session, so the SMI-S provider prevents all write operations. To avoid these errors, do one of the following:

  • Use the ESI GUI or PowerShell Toolkit to manually disable the replica copy, add the copies on the remote site, and then enable the replica copy afterwards. For other subsequent copies, repeat these steps.

  • Alternatively, only add subsequent copies on the local site and maintain only one remote copy on the remote site.