Expanding LUNs

For CX4 systems with FLARE 04.30 or higher and VNX block systems, you can expand both thin and thick pool LUNs with the ESI GUI. ESI supports expanding LUNs connected to a RAID or to VMAX systems with the Managing metas cmdlets in the ESI PowerShell Toolkit.

To expand the storage capacity of a LUN for a block-based storage system:

  1. In the left pane of the ESI window, select the storage system.

  2. For storage systems that support both block and file protocols, such as VNX and VNXe, select Block View from the Switch View list box in the center pane.

  3. In the center pane, click LUNs.

  4. Select the LUN that you want to expand.

  5. From the menu bar, select Action > Expand LUN.

The Expand LUN wizard appears.

  1. In the New LUN Capacity page, type the new capacity for the LUN and select a unit of measurement.

Note: For example, change the LUN capacity from 3 GB to 4 GB.

  1. Click Next.

  2. In the Review Input Parameters page, review the settings, and then click Next to confirm them.

  3. In the Progress page, click Next. The new expanded LUN creation starts.

Note: Click More Information for more progress details. If a problem occurs while you are expanding a LUN, an error message appears along with options to resume or roll back the process. After the error is resolved, click Resume to resume the process. Click Rollback to revert to the previously executed step.

  1. In the Summary page, click Finish.

  2. The expanded storage capacity for the LUN displays in the LUNs tab.


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