Adding replica copies

You can add local and remote replica copies. The first copy is the production copy. You can then add a local copy or a remote copy, or add both local and remote copies.

To add a production copy and one or more replica copies:

  1. In the left pane of the ESI window, select a replication service.

  2. Click Consistency Groups.

  3. From the Actions pane, click Add Replica Copy.

    The Add Replica Copy wizard appears.

  4. In the Replica Copy page, specify the following and click Next.




    Name for the replica copy.

    Replication Site

    Replication site that you want to use.

    Journal Size

    Size in GB for the journal LUN.

    Link Mode

    If this is not the production copy, select Asynchronous or Synchronous.

    • Select Asynchronous for write transactions to be acknowledged locally at the source side and then sent to the target side. Asynchronous replicas can be the fastest option, and similar to synchronous, without degrading the performance of host applications. This mode is typically used for remote copies.

    • Select Synchronous for host applications to wait for an acknowledgement from a replica before continuing. Synchronous can be slower than asynchronous, but offers less risk of data loss. This mode is typically used for local copies.

  5. In the Journal Storage System page, select a storage system from which the journal LUN will be created, and then click Next.

  1. In the Journal Storage Pool page, select a storage pool from which the journal LUN will be provisioned, and then click Next.

  1. In the Review Input Parameters, review the parameters, and then click Next to confirm them.

  1. In the Progress page, click Next.

  1. Note: Click More Information for more progress details. If a problem occurs, an error message appears with options to resume or roll back the process. After the error is resolved, click Resume to resume the process. Click Rollback to revert to the previously executed step.

  1. In the Summary page, click Finish.

    You can click Consistency Groups > Replica Copies in the center pane to view details for the new replica copy or copies.


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