Performs a mailbox database or server switchover.





-MailboxDatabaseCopy <MailboxDatabaseCopy>

Attributes: Required, Position: 1

Specifies the mailbox database copy to activate.


-Silent <SwitchParameter>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

Turns off all the informational and verbose messages. However, it still displays errors.


-MailboxDatabase <MailboxDatabase>

Attributes: Required, Position: named

Specifies the identity of the mailbox database being activated.


-MailboxServer <MailboxServer>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

Specifies the identity of the mailbox server from which to move all active mailbox databases.


-BypassStorageOperations <SwitchParameter>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

If specified, makes the mailbox server the active mailbox database copy for the specified mailbox database without performing any storage operations. Use this only after manually performing a switchover to repair a mailbox database or server.


-MoveServer <MailboxServer>

Attributes: Required, Position: named

If specified, moves all the active mailbox database copies on the server to other copies.



This cmdlet supports these common parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable, OutBuffer, and OutVariable. Type get-help about_commonparameters for more details.



-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS>$copies = Get-EmcMailboxDatabaseCopy MBDB1

C:\PS>Move-EmcActiveMailboxDatabase -MailboxDatabaseCopy $copies[1]

This example activates the passive mailbox database copy of MBDB1.


-------------- Example 2 --------------

C:\PS>$db = Get-EmcMailboxDatabase MBDB1

C:\PS>Move-EmcActiveMailboxDatabase -MailboxDatabase $db

This example moves the active MBDB1 mailbox database.


-------------- Example 3 --------------

C:\PS>$ms = Get-EmcMailboxServer MS1

C:\PS>Move-EmcActiveMailboxDatabase -MailboxServer $ms

This example moves all active mailbox databases from mailbox server MS1.