Gets the mailbox server in the database availability group (DAG), which is currently acting as the Primary Active Manager (PAM).



Get-EmcExchangePrimaryActiveManager [-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup] <DatabaseAvailabilityGroup> [-Silent] [<CommonParameters>]



At any specified moment, an Exchange DAG has one mailbox server assigned to the PAM role. The PAM is responsible for performing database moves during a failover or switchover. Each of the other mailbox servers in the DAG is a Standby Active Manager (SAM), but can become the PAM at any time (for example, when the current PAM goes down). This cmdlet can be used to locate the current PAM for diagnosing database move operations.



-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup <DatabaseAvailabilityGroup>

Attributes: Required, Position: 1

Specifies the DAG from which to get the mailbox server acting as the PAM.


-Silent <SwitchParameter>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

Turns off all the informational and verbose messages. However, it still displays errors.



This cmdlet supports these common parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable, OutBuffer, and OutVariable. Type get-help about_commonparameters for more details.



-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS>$dag = Get-EmcDatabaseAvailabilityGroup MyDAG

C:\PS>Get-EmcExchangePrimaryActiveManager $dag

This example gets the mailbox server acting as the PAM from the MyDAG DAG.