Get-EmcSystem (ESI Service)

Lists all of the registered storage systems for the ESI Service.



Get-EmcSystem [-ServiceUrl <String>] [-Silent] [<CommonParameters>]



-ServiceUrl <String>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

Specifies the base URL for the ESI Service. This must contain only the scheme, host, and port. If no value is specified, ESI uses the default of localhost or the value set by using the Set-EmcServiceUrl cmdlet.


-Silent <SwitchParameter>

Attributes: Optional, Position: named

Turns off all the informational and verbose messages. However, it still displays errors.



This cmdlet supports these common parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable, OutBuffer, and OutVariable. Type get-help about_commonparameters for more details.



-------------- Example 1 --------------

FriendlyName        : My VMAX

SystemType          : VMAX

EntityId            : f66a10a9c404f98432310499e21218891741dd69

LastSyncTimeUTC     : 10/18/2012 9:30:13 PM

ElapsedMilliSeconds : 126062

NumEntities         : 758

Properties          : {SerialNumber=000194900376, Host=, Port=5988, UseSSL=False...}


FriendlyName        : My Celerra

SystemType          : VNX-CIFS

EntityId            : ad43421b21f152714874aad685677c7ef9b3e470

LastSyncTimeUTC     : 10/18/2012 9:28:43 PM

ElapsedMilliSeconds : 35637

NumEntities         : 164

Properties          : {Username=nasadmin, Password=*****, ControlStationIPAddress=, ControlStationPort=443...}

This example lists all the registered storage systems for the ESI Service.