ESI VPLEX Adapter overview

The ESI VPLEX Adapter enables you to use the ESI SCOM Management Packs and ESI Service to monitor the operational status of EMC VPLEX system components in SCOM. You can use SCOM to monitor the health of both physical and logical VPLEX system components. You can view the health of individual LUNs and if failures occur, the failures roll up to the affected virtual volumes and corresponding VPLEX systems.


This adapter requires the following:

Installing the adapter

This adapter is installed by default with ESI. If you changed the defaults during the installation, reinstall ESI and confirm that the adapter is selected in the InstallShield Wizard Setup window. Prerequisites and Installing ESI provide system prerequisites and installation instructions for the ESI host system.

Setting up VPLEX health monitoring in SCOM

After you install the adapter, do the following to set up health monitoring of VPLEX systems in SCOM:

  1. Set up the ESI Service.

  2. Install and set up the ESI SCOM Management Packs.

  3. Use Add-EMCSystem in the ESI Service PowerShell toolkit to add (register or publish) the VPLEX system with the ESI Service.


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