Adding VMAX storage systems

To add a VMAX storage system to ESI:

  1. In the left pane of the ESI window, select EMC Storage Integrator or Storage Systems.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Add Storage System.

The Add Storage System dialog box appears.

  1. Set the following field values for the storage system.

Note: In the dialog box, the * indicates mandatory fields.



System Type


Friendly Name

Short name for the storage system that is unique across different storage systems

Array serial number

Serial number for the array

SMI provider host

Host name or IP address of the SMI-S provider

SMI provider port

IP port of the SMI-S provider, or you can accept the default port 5988 for HTTP or 5989 for HTTPS

Use secured connection

Use a secure connection to the SMI-S provider

Use Windows Authentication

If selected, disregard the Username and Password fields

Username and Password

Not used if Windows Authentication is selected; otherwise, type a username and password for the SMI-S provider

Connection timeout (seconds)

Time limit for a connection to be made to the SMI-S provider

Operation timeout (seconds)

Time limit for an operation to be completed

Ignore server certificate chain validation

Bypass security certificate chain validation

Ignore server certificate name validation

Bypass security certificate name validation

  1. Click Test Connection to test the connection before adding the system.

  2. Click Add.

The VMAX storage system appears in the Available Systems list in the center pane.


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