Setting up ESI Service

The ESI installer automatically enables a Windows firewall rule for the ESI Service, sets up the SSL certificate, and sets the service to listen to two IP ports on the ESI host system.

To set up the ESI Service for SCOM:

  1. If necessary, change the HTTP connection defaults. Changing HTTP connection defaults provides details.

  2. If you do not need to change the defaults, then skip to the next step.

  3. Confirm that the correct HTTP connections are set up as described in Confirming HTTP connections.

  4. Register or publish all applicable systems with the ESI Service as described in Publishing and unpublishing systems to the ESI Service.

  5. If necessary, change the System Refresh Interval setting, which by default is set to every 30 minutes. This is how often the ESI Service checks for registered systems and collects data about the registered systems and system components. Changing the system refresh interval provides details.


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