Setting up ESI SCOM Management Packs

After the ESI SCOM management packs have been imported, do the following:

  1. See Confirming connection between SCOM agents and ESI Service to confirm the connection.

  2. See Setting up EMC SI Run As profiles to access the ESI Service.

  3. For additional monitoring of the ESI Service, see Setting up the ESI Service Monitoring Account to set up the monitoring account.

  4. See Using the ESI Monitoring Management Pack to set up the management packs.

If necessary, do the following:

  1. If you have more than one SCOM agent connecting to one or more ESI Services, set up the system filter file. Setting up the system filter file provides details.

  2. If you want to skip this error message for your specific setup, set the client certificate error override. Setting the ignore client certificate error override provides details.

  3. If the ESI Service must connect to the ESI Service with a web proxy server, set up the HTTP proxy. See Setting up the HTTP proxy for details.

After you complete these setup steps, see Setting up optional management pack overrides for information about optional overrides.


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