ESI Service and ESI SCOM Management Packs overview

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The ESI Service and the ESI SCOM Management Packs work in conjunction with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager for centralized discovery and monitoring of all supported EMC storage systems and storage-system components.

The ESI Service and ESI SCOM Management Packs support the same VMAX family, VNX, and CX4 series of storage systems that are supported in ESI. The ESI SCOM Management Packs also support EMC VPLEX systems and Symmetrix DMX-4 storage systems.

ESI Service

The ESI Service is the communications link between ESI and the ESI SCOM Management Packs. You can use the ESI Service to view and report on all registered systems and system components connected to the ESI host system. ESI Service then pushes this data to SCOM. You can also use the ESI Service as a stand-alone tool without SCOM to collect, view, and report this same system data.

The ESI Service PowerShell Toolkit is also installed as part of the ESI Service. Use this toolkit to set up the ESI Service to communicate with the ESI SCOM Management Packs. Getting started with the ESI PowerShell toolkits provides details.

The ESI Service provides the following functionality:

ESI SCOM Management Packs


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