Changing the system refresh interval

The ESI Service has a System Refresh Interval setting for how often it polls all registered storage systems and populates the entity graph with all discovered storage systems and system components. The ESI Management Packs use this information to confirm and update to the most current data about discovered components.

By default, this interval is set to poll the storage systems every 30 minutes for new information. This setting, combined with the ESI Monitoring management pack interval number, is the set frequency for receiving monitor updates in SCOM. For example, with this interval set to 30 minutes and the ESI Monitoring interval override set to 10 minutes, an updated health state can take up to 40 minutes. The time intervals can affect the data performance. Changing discovery interval overrides provides details on the Monitor interval override.

To change the system refresh interval for the ESI Service:

  1. If necessary, open a PowerShell command prompt and type the following, and then press Enter to import the ESI Service PowerShell module:

Import-Module ESIServicePSToolkit

  1. Type the following and press Enter to get the current setting in minutes:


  1. Type the following replacing 30 with the preferred number of minutes, and press Enter:

Set-EmcServicePolicy –RefreshIntervalInMinutes 30


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