Considering capacity and topology

For performance and scalability, install ESI on a controller host machine that is dedicated to ESI and separate from the SCOM Management Group machines. For load balancing, you can use multiple SCOM agents to monitor a large number of storage systems. You can also set up multiple SCOM agents to communicate with one or more ESI hosts running the ESI Service.

To achieve the best scalability, assign storage systems with a large number of components to different SCOM agents running on your most resourceful computers.

The Number of Entities column in SCOM displays information about the number of entities that the ESI Service uses. View this column by doing the following:

Replace the <ESI Service IP> and <HTTPS port> with the applicable value and open this link in a web browser: https://<ESI Service IP>:<HTTPS port>/esi/console/RegisteredSystems


To get information about the number of entities that SCOM monitors:

Open the SCOM Operations Console, connect to the SCOM Management Group, and then open Operations Manager > Agent Performance > Module Count.


The following diagram represents how one SCOM Management Group that is running the ESI SCOM Management Packs connects to multiple SCOM agents, which connect through HTTPS to one or more ESI Services.



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