ESI Microsoft SQL Server Adapter overview

The ESI SQL Server Adapter enables you to view local and remote Microsoft SQL Server instances and databases and to map the databases to EMC storage. ESI supports the SQL Server 2012 Always On feature, so you can view the primary SQL Server replica and up to four secondary replicas.

You can use SQL Scripts to create and configure SQL Server databases from an ESI host. For SQL Server 2012, creating databases on file shares using SMB 3.0 and VNX storage systems is supported in this release.


This adapter supports the following versions of Windows Server and SQL Server (full, 64-bit installations):

Supported versions

Windows 2008 R2

Windows 2012

Windows 2012 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2




SQL Server 2012

Not supported



SQL Server 2012 SP1

Not supported



Additionally, this adapter has the following prerequisites:


This adapter is installed by default with ESI. If you changed the defaults during your installation of ESI, then reinstall ESI and confirm that the adapter is selected in the InstallShield Wizard Setup window. Prerequisites and Installation overview provide system prerequisites and installation instructions for the ESI host system.


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