Adding SharePoint farms

To add a SharePoint farm:

  1. In the left pane of the ESI window, select EMC Storage Integrator or Applications > SharePoint.

  1. In the Actions pane, click Add Application.

  2. In the Applications dialog box, set the following values:



Farm Friendly Name

Type a name to identify the farm.

Local Farm

  • If ESI is running on the same server as the farm, select the Local Farm checkbox.

  • Clear the checkbox to connect to a remote farm.

  • Note: If Local Farm is not selected and the database server name matches the local server as the ESI host, ESI assumes that you are adding a local farm and ignores all of the field values except for the Friendly Name.

Database Server

Type the database server name.

Configuration Database

  • Type the farm name of the configuration database.

  • Get these details from the SQL Server or SharePoint administration.

Integrated Security

Select to use Microsoft Windows Authentication.

User Name and Password

Clear the Integrated Security checkbox to use SQL Server Authentication, and then type a username and password.

  1. To confirm that the values are correct, click Test Connection.

  2. Click Add.

The farm is added to the list in the Applications window. However, ESI is not yet connected to the farm.


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