ESI SharePoint Adapter overview

You can use the ESI SharePoint Adapter to perform the following functions with Microsoft SharePoint farms:

Note: For provisioning SharePoint storage, ESI requires that SQL Server and SharePoint be installed in the same Windows domain as the ESI host controller. If SQL Server is not running in the same Windows domain as ESI, SharePoint provisioning operations will fail.

Feature limitations

This adapter has the following feature limitations:

Note: If you create a database without a web application on a remote farm, you cannot view the new database in ESI.


The ESI Microsoft SharePoint Adapter has the following prerequisites:


This adapter is installed by default with ESI. If you changed the defaults during your installation of ESI, then reinstall ESI and confirm that the adapter is selected in the InstallShield Wizard Setup window. Prerequisites and Installation overview provide system prerequisites and installation instructions for the ESI host system.


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