Changing the SCOM discovery interval

When you install a new ESI Exchange HA Extension or uninstall an existing extension, the changes may take up to the default interval setting of one hour to be discovered and viewed in SCOM.

To trigger the discovery of new extension changes in SCOM, you can toggle the Enabled override setting for the ESI Exchange HA Extension discovery:

  1. Open the Override Properties window for the EMC SI Exchange High Availability Extension Discovery.

  2. Select the Enabled override checkbox, set the property to False, and click Apply.

  3. Before closing the window, clear the Enabled override checkbox to reset the override.

  4. This triggers the discovery of all changes regardless of the interval setting.


To change the discovery interval from the default of one hour:

  1. Open the SCOM Operations Console and connect to the SCOM Management Group.

  2. Select Go > Authoring.

  3. In the left pane, select Object Discoveries.

  4. Locate and double-click the EMC SI Exchange High Availability Extension Discovery.

  5. Open the Overrides properties and select one of the following choices:

  1. Change the Interval (sec) property to the preferred value.

  2. The default value is 3,600 seconds (one hour).

Note: You can temporarily reduce this number to 600 seconds (10 minutes) to enable quick discovery of changes.

  1. Select the EMC Storage Integrator Exchange High Availability Extension Monitoring Customization management pack.

  2. Click Apply, and then confirm the changed values.

  3. Click OK, and then click Close.


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