Installing and setting up the ESI Exchange HA Extension

With the ESI Exchange High Availability (HA) Extension, you can use ESI to manage an Exchange database availability group (DAG), in third-party replication mode, with EMC RecoverPoint and EMC storage systems. The extension monitors the Exchange servers in a DAG, the associated RecoverPoint appliances, and the EMC storage systems for high availability and site resilience.

To install and set up the extension:

  1. For servers running Windows Server 2008 R2, confirm that .NET framework 4.0 is installed on the Exchange servers for which you are installing the ESI Exchange HA Extension. For Exchange 2013 mailbox servers, you can install either .NET 4.0 or 4.5. For Exchange 2010 mailbox servers only 4.0 is supported.

  2. Collect the required connection information for adding EMC storage systems and RecoverPoint appliances to the extension.

  3. Use the Exchange Management Console or ESI PowerShell Exchange cmdlets to create an Exchange DAG, in third-party replication mode, for integrating with EMC storage systems and RecoverPoint applications.

  4. Add the associated Exchange mailbox servers to the Exchange DAG.

  5. In the Exchange Management console, add the Exchange mailbox forest or servers as members to the Exchange Security Group that is named Organization Management.

Notice: If the forest or servers are not added to the security group, failover and switchover operations will fail. If a mailbox server is added to the security group after the ESI Exchange HA Extension is installed, you must stop and restart the extension to apply the change. Stopping and restarting the extension provides instructions.

  1. Install the extension as described in Installing the extension.

  2. If necessary, change the HTTP connection defaults. If you want to change the defaults, see Changing HTTP connection defaults. If you do not need to change the defaults, then skip to step 8.

  3. Confirm that the correct HTTP connections are set up as described in Changing HTTP connection defaults.

  4. Publish EMC systems to the ESI Exchange HA Extension. Publishing and unpublishing systems to the Exchange extension provides details.

After installation and setup, you can manage Exchange DAGs and mailbox databases with the ESI for Windows GUI or the ESI PowerShell Toolkit. Managing Exchange with ESI provides instructions for available GUI tasks.


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