Installing and importing the ESI Exchange SCOM Management Packs

If you are using the ESI Exchange HA Extension and want to monitor the extension with SCOM, you must install and import the ESI Exchange SCOM management packs. You can use SCOM to ensure the extension is running. The ESI Exchange SCOM Management Packs include:

The ESI Exchange Management Packs are dependent on the ESI SCOM Library and Reporting management packs. Install and import these additional ESI SCOM Management Packs for the ESI Exchange integration if you have not done so yet.

To install and import the required management packs into SCOM:

  1. On the SCOM Management Group server, download the ESI Zip file.

  1. In the ESI Zip file, locate and double-click ESI SCOM ManagementPacks.*.Setup.

  2. Follow the steps in the wizard to install both the ESI SCOM and ESI Exchange SCOM management packs.

  3. The management pack files are installed by default to the C:\Program Files\EMC\Management Packs folder.

  4. Import the following files in SCOM:


  2. (if you want to use reports)

  3. EMC.SI.Exchange.Customization.xml

Notice: The customization file contains your overrides and customizations. You will lose your override settings if you reimport this file. This file is installed with version number You can increment the version number when you make changes.

  1. If the following files are not already imported, also import these into SCOM:



  3. (if is imported)

How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007 or How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2012 on the Microsoft TechNet website have more details on importing the management packs.


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