The Device Imaging service is one of the three components installed during Device Manager 2011 server installation. The Device Imaging service manages communication between the device imaging component and Device Manager 2011. The device imaging component is a software component created by the device manufacturer. The device imaging component implements a Component Object Model (COM) or Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) interface to the Device Manager 2011 Device Imaging service and handles communication between the Device Imaging service and the device imaging solution.

Device Manager 2011 uses the device imaging component to pass a collection of devices and a string that defines imaging information and settings to a device imaging solution. The device imaging solution then images the collection of devices.

This SDK includes sample code that demonstrates how to use the device imaging functionality in Device Manager 2011. This sample code provides an example of a device imaging component, as well as simulates a device imaging solution. The sample code that simulates the device imaging solution is referred to in this document as the device imaging solution simulator.

The topics in this section contain information about device status and deployment status. This section also contains information about how to use the sample device imaging component that is included with the SDK to design a device imaging component that works with the Device Imaging service. In addition, this section contains information about how to configure the device imaging component to work with DCOM, which lets you configure the device imaging component to run outside the Device Manager 2011 server.

In This Section

Deployment Status and Device Status

Information about the supported status transitions of device imaging deployments and devices in the device imaging process.

Sample Device Imaging Component

Information about the provided sample device imaging component and device imaging solution simulator.

Device Imaging Component and DCOM

Information about how to use a device imaging component with DCOM.