This method begins a device imaging deployment.


HRESULT BeginImageDeployment( 
  const BSTR 



[in] ID of the device imaging deployment.

Return Values



BeginImageDeploymentis called when a new device imaging deployment requires processing, or an existing device imaging deployment that has been suspended is resumed. BeginImageDeploymentwill be called periodically until all devices have reported final states, or all remaining device imaging deployments are suspended, expired, or terminated.

If a suspended device is restarted by calling BeginImageDeployment, you should set the status of the device to In Progress.

This method blocks any other calls by the device imaging service until the method returns. To avoid this, start a new thread inside the method. This will minimize the time required for the method to return.

You should design the device imaging component to handle multiple calls to BeginImageDeploymentfor the same device imaging request, and possibly from different threads.

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