If you want to access device inventory properties in addition to the properties defined by Device Manager 2011, you can add these properties to the Windows registry.

The default device inventory properties defined in Device Manager 2011 include the following:

When adding a new device property, you must specify the following registry values:

In addition, the following table shows the macros that are supported in the registry settings.




This macro adds the full Site Server (SMS Provider) Site Code namespace.


This macro adds the Site Server (SMS Provider) computer name.


This macro adds the current Device ID.

To add a new device property

  1. In the Windows registry, open HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EDM\OSD\and add a new key named DeviceProps.

  2. In the DevicePropskey, add the name of the property as a subkey. For example:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EDM\OSD\DeviceProps\<PROPERTY NAME>

  3. Under the new property name subkey, add the Namespace(the WMI namespace after the root directory \\.\root\) and Queryvalues.

  4. Restart the Device Imaging service by following the procedure in the Registering the Sample Device Imaging Componenttopic.

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