Table 5.1 provides troubleshooting guidance that supplements the specific error messages that you might encounter during your Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager V2 Beta 2 (DPM) installation.

Table 5.1   DPM Installation Issues

Issue Details

An installation of a prerequisite failed.

If a prerequisite failed to install, from Control Panel, uninstall DPM by using Add or Remove Programs. Next, manually install the software prerequisite. For instructions about installing prerequisite software, see "Manually Installing Prerequisite Software" in the DPM System Requirements Guide (

Non-DPM applications are interrupted by a DPM installation.

During DPM installation, Setup restarts the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. If you are running applications other than DPM and its prerequisite software on the DPM computer, you might experience an interruption in the operation of those applications while the WMI service is restarted. To prevent an interruption, shut down all other applications before you run DPM Setup.

A disk listed as available in the Add Disks to Storage Pool dialog box is marked as “missing” in the Details pane and the “Disk Missing” alert is displayed.

If you erase or clean a disk that is in the storage pool before reallocating its volumes or removing it from the storage pool, DPM will report that the disk is missing from the storage pool. If you then add the newly erased or cleaned disk to the storage pool, two entries will appear in the storage pool for the same disk.

To avoid this problem, remove disks from the storage pool before erasing or formatting them.

To resolve this problem, use DPM Administrator Console to remove the “missing” disk and add the “outside” disk to the storage pool. Before you remove the “missing” disk, ensure that you have deleted the volumes allocated to the disk that are still listed in the storage pool and reallocated them to another disk.

Errors occur when running DPM Setup from a network share using a UNC path.

If you experience errors running DPM Setup from a network share when using a UNC path perform the following steps:

  1. Exit DPM Setup.

  2. Copy the DPM installation folder to a local folder on the DPM server.

  3. Restart the DPM installation from the local installation folder.