This alert is generated when the specified task is paused because the required tape is not available in the specified tape drive.


Possible causes for the alert include the following:

  • For recovery or data copy operations, the required tape is not in the drive.

  • For backup jobs, a free tape is not available.

  • The tape library door is unlocked.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Job waiting for tape” alert are provided in the alert details.

  1. Insert the tape with the specified label into the library through the I/E port or by unlocking the tape library door.

  2. Click Continue Job in the details section of this alert if Add tape (I/E port) or Unlock library door were not run from the Libraries tab in the Management task area.

There is a time-out of 60 minutes to continue the job. If you do not click Continue Job within 60 minutes, the task fails.

Resolved when: There is a free tape available for backup jobs, the required tape is in the drive, or the tape library door is locked.

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