To use tape-based protection in DPM, you must attach a tape library or stand-alone tape drive to the DPM server. A tape library is a data-storage system that consists of removable tape and a hardware device that can read from or write to the tape. A stand-alone tape drive is a single-drive, non-automated tape drive that holds a single tape.

You can use tape for both short-term and long-term protection of file and application data.

DPM protects data on tape through a combination of full and incremental backups from either the protected computer (for short-term protection on tape or for long-term protection on tape when DPM does not protect the data on disk) or the DPM replica (for long-term protection on tape when short-term protection is on disk).

When an application does not support incremental backups, DPM will perform full backups only.

DPM can compress or encrypt data on tapes.

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