This alert is generated when Data Protection Manager (DPM) is unable to install, upgrade, or uninstall a protection agent on a specified computer.


Possible causes for this alert include the following:

  • DPM was unable to reach the protected computer.

  • The firewall on the protected computer is blocking requests from DPM.

  • The Remote Procedure Call service is down on the protected computer.

  • IPSec is turned on for only one computer—either the protected computer or the DPM server.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Agent operation failure” alert are provided in the alert details.

Reinstall the protection agent on the specified computer.

For information, see How to Install a Protection Agent. If you do not want to install a protection agent on the specified computer, click the link in the alert to mark it as inactive.

Resolved when: The protection agent is successfully installed, upgraded, or uninstalled on a protected computer. If no action is taken, DPM automatically resolves this alert after three days.

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