In Data Protection Manager 2007, when an alert is resolved or when the conditions that generated the alert no longer apply, the alert becomes inactive. When the Show inactive alerts option is enabled, inactive alerts are displayed for seven days in the Alerts view of the Monitoring task area. After an alert has been inactive for seven days, it is removed from the inactive alerts history and it can no longer be displayed.

If you want to display inactive alerts, you can enable the Show inactive alerts option. When the Show inactive alerts option is enabled, a status category is added to the Alerts view in the Monitoring task area. When you group alerts by protection group, computer, or severity, a status column is added that indicates whether an alert is active or inactive. When you group alerts by status, the alerts are displayed in two groups: Active and Inactive.

To display inactive alerts

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Monitoring on the navigation bar and then select the Alerts tab.

  2. Select the Show inactive alerts check box that is located below the navigation bar and above the display pane.

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