This alert is generated in DPM when the disk space used for the tape catalog database on the DPM database exceeds the user-set threshold.

The Data Protection Manager (DPM) tape catalog keeps information about the recoverable items on tapes that are protected for short-term and long-term.


The following is a possible cause for this alert:

  • The size of the tape catalog database on the DPM server might have increased significantly since the protection group was created.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Database size threshold exceeded” alert are provided in the alert details.

Prune the tape catalog database to reduce the size below the threshold value or increase the threshold value.

You can increase the free space on the volume on which the DPM database (DPMDB) is located. The DPMDB location is configured during DPM Setup. To verify the instance of SQL Server that contains the DPMDB volume, in DPM Administrator Console, click the information icon on the navigation bar.

To prune the tape catalog or increase the database size threshold, in the Protection task area, in the Actions pane, click Specify tape catalog retention. For more information, in the DPM Operations Guide, see Managing Tape Libraries (

Resolved when: The library catalog is pruned, or the database threshold value is increased.

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