DPM gives users the ability to mark alerts as inactive. Marking alerts as inactive can be done for a variety of reasons—for example, if the alert is no longer meaningful or if you do not plan to resolve the alert.

Marking an alert as inactive should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and not done except when absolutely necessary.

When you mark an alert as inactive, the protection status for the protection group will change to OK in DPM Administrator Console and in the DPM Management Pack.

To mark an alert as inactive

  1. In the DPM Administrator console, on the navigation bar, click Monitoring.

  2. On the Alerts tab, select the alert you wish to mark as inactive.

  3. From the Actions menu, click Inactivate alert. DPM displays a dialog box about inactivating alerts. DPM displays the alert only if you select Show inactive alerts.

    Inactivate alerts with caution. When you inactivate an alert, protection status changes to OK. If you are using System Center Operations Manager 2007, the alert is resolved there as well.

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