This alert is generated in Data Protection Manager (DPM) when synchronization occurs on the specified DPM server but the permissions that are required for end-user recovery of the data are not updated.

When end-user recovery is enabled in DPM, the replica must be updated with the required access permissions for end-user recovery. Whenever synchronization occurs, the access permissions are updated if changes have been made. Updating the permissions is necessary because it ensures that only authorized end users can recover previous versions of data from the DPM server.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “End-user recovery permissions update failed” alert are provided in the alert details. For more information, see How to Display Alert Details.

Possible causes for the alert include the following:

  • The DPM server was unable to communicate with the protected computer.

  • DPM was unable to access the Active Directory Domain Services directory service.

  • DPM was unable to synchronize the replica with the share permissions.

  • DPM was unable to update the Active Directory Domain Services database.

  • The Active Directory Domain Services schema is not configured on the DPM server properly for end-user recovery.


To resolve this alert, you can manually synchronize the replica in DPM. For information, see How to Synchronize a Replica. Alternatively, you can wait for the next scheduled synchronization job to run. In most cases, this alert will self-resolve and become inactive after the synchronization job is completed.

If the alert details in DPM state that the Active Directory schema is not configured properly for end-user recovery, you need to extend the Active Directory schema again. For more information, see How to Enable End-User Recovery.

Resolved when: The end-user recovery permission propagation is successful, or end-user recovery is turned off.

For more information about configuring end-user recovery in DPM, see the DPM 2007 Deployment Guide (

For more information about monitoring and diagnosing problems with end-user recovery in DPM, see the DPM 2007 Deployment Guide (

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