This alert is generated when the data copy job on the specific tape failed.


Possible causes for the alert include the following:

  • The tape drive is not operating correctly.

  • The tape drive is not online.

  • There is no free tape.

  • There is no expected tape to copy from.

  • The tape might have read or write errors on it.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Data copy failed” alert are provided in the alert details.

  • Rerun the data copy job.

Resolved when: The tape drive operates correctly and is online, a free tape exists in the tape library, or the tape does not have errors.

For more information, see How to Copy a Tape.

For information about how to manage tape libraries in DPM and how to copy tapes, in the DPM 2007 Operations Guide, see Managing Tape Libraries (

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