To install a tape library or stand-alone tape drive on the DPM server, follow the instructions provided with the tape device. An installed tape device will be listed in Device Manager.

DPM will identify a tape library or stand-alone tape drive that is physically attached to the DPM server and display the tape device information in DPM Administrator Console in the Management task area on the Libraries tab.

If the tape library or stand-alone tape drive is not displayed in DPM Administrator Console, use the Rescan action to update the display.

If your tape library is displayed as a stand-alone tape drive or if the state of your library in DPM Administrator Console does not reflect the physical state accurately, you might need to correct the tape drive mapping. For more information about remapping tape drives, in the DPM Operations Guide, see Managing Tape Libraries (

To check for new tape libraries or stand-alone tape drives

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Management on the navigation bar, and then click the Libraries tab.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Rescan.

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