Data Protection Manager (DPM) allows you to create a protection group for application or file data and exclude specific file data sources from protection. You can choose to exclude data sources that do not change or that are no longer current. The following procedures show you how to exclude data sources from a protection group.

To exclude data sources from a protection group

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Protection on the navigation bar.

  2. On the Actions menu, click Create protection group. This launches the Create New Protection Group Wizard.

  3. To choose the data to protect, on the Select Group Members page, in the Available Members pane, select the check boxes that correspond to the data.

  4. To exclude a folder, expand the directory structure and clear the check box next to the folder.

  5. To exclude specific file types from protection, in the Selected Members pane, click Exclude Files.

  6. In the Exclude File Types dialog box, type the file name extensions you want to exclude and click OK.

    To separate multiple file types, use a comma with no space; for example, .mp3,.mpeg,.avi
  7. When you complete the wizard, click Create Group.

    To exclude data sources or file types from a protection group after the protection group has been created, on the Actions menu, click Modify protection group to launch the wizard, and then exclude data sources and file types on the Select Group Members page.

To remove data sources using DPM Management Shell

  • Use the following syntax to retrieve a data source from a protection group:

    Get-ChildDatasource [-ChildDatasource] <ProtectableObject> [[-ProtectionGroup] <ProtectionGroup> ] [-Inquire] [-Async] [-Tag <Object> ] [-Verbose] [-Debug] [-ErrorAction <ActionPreference> ] [-ErrorVariable <String> ] [-OutVariable <String> ] [-OutBuffer <Int32> ]

  • Use the following syntax to remove a data source from a protection group:

    Remove-ChildDatasource [-ProtectionGroup] <Protection Group> [-ChildDatasource] <ProtectableObject> [-KeepDiskData] [-PassThru] [<CommonParameters>]

    For more information, type "Get-Help Remove-ChildDatasource -detailed" in DPM Management Shell.

    For technical information, type "Get-Help Remove-ChildDatasource-full" in DPM Management Shell.

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