This alert is generated when the free tape count for the specified library is less than the threshold value. You must add tape to the library and mark it as free, or future backup jobs will fail.


Review the alert details in DPM Administrator Console and take the appropriate action.

The following is a possible cause for the alert:

  • The free tape pool is low.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Free tape threshold reached” alert are provided in the alert details.

Follow the recommended action in the alert, and retry the job.

Add a tape to the library, and mark it as free.

Resolved when: If no protection group is associated with the library, when the record is removed, or when free tape is added to the library.

For information about how to manage tape libraries in DPM and how to mark tapes as free, in the DPM 2007 Operations Guide, see Managing Tape Libraries (

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