In the Monitoring task area, on the Jobs tab, jobs can be grouped by Protection Group, Computer, Status, or Type. By default, jobs are grouped by status. You can review the Details pane to get more information about a particular job. The jobs view can be further refined by including or excluding synchronization jobs, or by using a specific filter. The details vary, depending on the type of job selected. For example, the details for a replica creation job specify status, start time, how long the job has been running or how long it took to complete the job, how much data was copied, data source details, the number of protection group members, and the name of the protection group to which the replica belongs.

For consistency check jobs, DPM displays the number of files scanned and the number of files that were fixed.

To display job details

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Monitoring on the navigation bar, and then click the Jobs tab.

  2. Select the job for which you want more details. The information for the job is displayed in the Details pane, in the lower part of the console.

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