Jobs are displayed in the Monitoring task area on the Jobs tab. On the Jobs tab, you can monitor the activity log of all DPM tasks. Use the Group by drop-down list box to group the list of jobs by protection group, computer, status, or type. Use the Filters drop-down list box to sort the list of jobs according to a selected set of parameters.

DPM provides both an alerts view and a jobs view so that you can easily access both summary and detailed information about data protection activity. The Alerts tab aggregates information from one or more related jobs and displays actionable tasks. The Jobs tab provides the operational details for each scheduled, completed, running, canceled, or failed job so that you can troubleshoot and identify backup schedules. As a general rule, you should start troubleshooting an issue in DPM by reviewing the relevant alert details. For detailed information about a specific job related to the issue, review the job details.

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