DPM reporting enables you to create and customize both new reports and historical reports.

A new report is created dynamically, based on the options that you select when you set up the report. New reports are not saved for future reference; they are disposed of when closed. If you want to save a new report that you have created, you must export it by using the Reporting Services Web toolbar. For more information, see How to Display Reports.

A historical report is created and saved for future reference only when you schedule a report. You choose the options that you want at the time you schedule the report. When you schedule a report, you set the option for the number of reports, up to a maximum of 18, that you want to save in history for that report type. Only scheduled reports that run successfully are saved as history. For more information, see How to Schedule Reports.

A report selected through DPM Administrator Console always opens as a Web page in Internet Explorer.

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