In some cases, such as when new versions of the System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) protection agent are released to enhance functionality, you must update the protection agent to resolve issues with previous versions of the DPM protection agent or as part of an update to the DPM server. In other cases, you can choose whether or not to update the protection agent. You can use the following procedure to update the protection agent when a new version is released.

In addition to the following procedure, you can update a protection agent outside of DPM through Microsoft Update, through Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), or through System Center Configuration Manager.

To update a protection agent

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Management on the navigation bar, and then click the Agents tab.

  2. In the display pane, select the computers on which you want to update the protection agent.

    The Agent Updates indicates, by computer, when a protection agent update is available. If updates are not available for any of the protected computers, the Update action in the Actions pane is disabled.
  3. In the Actions pane, click Update. The Update Agents dialog box is displayed, listing the computers to be updated.

    If you proceed with the update, the replicas for the data sources on the affected computers might become inconsistent. After you complete the update, review the alerts in the Monitoring task area to determine whether any replicas were affected. If necessary, manually synchronize the affected replicas with a consistency check.
  4. Click Update Agents to begin installing the updated protection agents on the selected computers.

  5. In the Enter Credentials dialog box, type the user name and password for a domain account that is a member of the local administrators group on all the selected computers, and then click OK.

    A status box is displayed to indicate whether the installation is successful. You cannot close this box until after the installation has succeeded or failed. For information about resolving agent installation failures, see the DPM 2007 Troubleshooting Guide (

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