The Recovery Report provides statistics on administrator-initiated recoveries only. It displays recoveries in both time taken and size over the selected time period. The data is collected per protected computer and aggregated for all protected computers, or it is collected per protection group and aggregated for all protection groups.

The first page of the report, the summary page, shows recovery statistics for all protected computers or protection groups at a protected computer or protection group level, as specified in the report parameters. Subsequent pages, the detailed pages, show details of recoveries for each protected computer or protection group at a volume level.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are reviewing the data in the Recovery Report, you might have the following questions about how to use the data or interpret the report.

Do the pie charts include data for all entities protected by DPM?

Yes, pie charts include all data being protected by DPM.

Why is the number of recovery job failures increasing?

A rising trend in recovery job failures might be due to an increased number of network outages or job cancellations. The data for recovery failures includes only administrator-initiated cancellations of recovery jobs, not cancellations initiated by end-users. To determine the common causes for recovery job failures, check the details of the Recovery Report.

For information about the status of recovery jobs for the last 30 days, see How to Check Data Protection Job Status.

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